Presented by Randy Burge, Associate Vice President for Strategic Content

How to Use Content to Fix Ailing Enrollment

What’s all the buzz about content marketing? Obviously, you’ve been using content all along to get prospective students to enroll. But if you’re finding that your enrollment communications aren’t working as well as they used to… that yield is dropping… and that stealth applicants are becoming the rule, it’s time for you to take a look at content marketing.

In this free hour-long webinar, you’ll learn:

  • how content marketing differs from traditional marketing communications
  • how “pull” is becoming more critical than “push”
  • how content is the key to awareness, brand preference, and enrollment

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About the Presenter

Randy Burge, Stamats

Randy Burge, Associate Vice President for Strategic Content

Randy is a seasoned and knowledgeable marketing and advertising professional with specialized expertise in all phases of brand development; integrated marketing communications across all media; direct, email, and database marketing; and account and team management. He offers more than two decades of experience in strategic planning, brand creation, creative development, and tactical implementation. His tenure and experience in higher education marketing span more than a decade.