Presented by Becky Morehouse, Vice President for Client Services

What You Can Learn from the Students Who Don’t Enroll

You can learn a lot from your admitted students who chose not to enroll. By definition, a nonmatriculant study is directed at students who applied, were accepted, and then chose not to enroll.

Why didn’t they say yes? Did they get a more attractive financial offer? Was there a particular college-choice attribute or quality that they found irresistible elsewhere? Did distance play a factor? Or perhaps the campus visit experience?

The number of potential factors is daunting and without a nonmatriculant study, you might just be making informed guesses. In today’s highly competitive landscape, hunches and assumptions are the last thing you need at this critical yield stage.

Replace uncertainty with actionable insights by gathering data from these students to help more say yes at the end of the next recruitment cycle.

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About the Presenter

Becky Morehouse, Vice President for Client Services

Becky offers her clients a broad range of experience in all facets of qualitative and quantitative market research, brand development, strategic communication, and electronic media. Formerly Stamats’ vice president for research, Becky and her research team designed and completed hundreds of individual audits, assessments, and studies for colleges and universities throughout the country each year. Becky’s familiarity with and in-depth understanding of the higher education marketplace and its audiences has helped her create powerful, customized, and effective research, branding, planning, and communication programs informed and executed by the highest-quality standards. Becky has a B.A. in marketing from the University of Northern Iowa. She earned her master’s degree in higher education administration from The University of Iowa, where she is also a doctoral candidate. She joined Stamats in 1991.