Large-scale social and economic forces were driving more pre- and mid-career professionals to return to the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) to supplement their education and/or obtain advanced degrees. Penn’s College of General Studies became the magnet for this nontraditional student project. The College of General Studies needed to retool its image and identity to more accurately reflect the innovative and cutting-edge educational offerings available for their highly experienced, intellectually aspiring students.

Penn partnered with Stamats to conduct marketing research; clarify the College of General Studies brand; rename the College; and develop a comprehensive, integrated brand strategy to move the College forward. After conducting research, Stamats developed the “Great Thinking” concept and tagline to communicate that the newly named College of Liberal & Professional Studies (LPS) is a place where great thinkers come to better understand the complex world around them and to reshape their lives and careers so they can have a greater impact on society. It’s also a place where the principles, spirit, and gifted thinking associated with Penn founder Benjamin Franklin are infused into every aspect of a student’s education.

LPS staff reported widespread and enthusiastic support and acceptance of the new name and brand. Adoption of the new name and identity was seamless, immediate, and pervasive among staff, current and prospective students, colleagues, donors, and alumni. A firm hired to perform an assessment of the new LPS website scored the site 100 out of 100 for overall look and feel and for maintaining brand consistency. In addition to other peer and multiple industry awards, the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs cited the LPS website as “exemplary” at its annual conference.

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