A public university located in Jacksonville, Florida, the University of North Florida (UNF) serves approximately 16,000 students through 53 undergraduate and 28 graduate programs. Focused on improving its recruitment effectiveness and in preparation for a focused expansion into new markets, UNF partnered with Stamats to conduct a program of research that would inform and guide the university’s short- and long-term recruitment marketing strategies aimed primarily at bolstering the size and quality of the applicant pool.

Stamats’ market research, planning, and consulting team conducted a Factor Correlation Study that was designed to achieve two distinct but interrelated objectives: First, the study would provide a detailed profile of UNF’s recently enrolled students in order to identify which personal, demographic, and psychographic factors correlate with recruitment success. Second, it would offer direction on how resultant data might be applied to recruitment marketing—specifically, how insights gleaned from the information could be leveraged to improve UNF’s recruitment targeting and measurably increase conversion rates.

The results of Stamats’ correlation study and related recommendations were immediately useful for UNF. In the same year the data was collected and used to reshape the university’s recruitment tactics, UNF more than doubled admits in one of its most crucial geographic regions. Shortly thereafter, summer applications increased by 4,000. By December 1, the university reported that it had already admitted 95 percent of its summer class.

UNF leadership is delighted by both the process and product of Stamats’ research. In the words of Cathy Cole, assistant vice president for enrollment services and the director of integrated marketing and strategic communication at UNF, “The data and recommendations we received were simply incredible. Not only were they thorough and comprehensive in nature, they were such a deep dive that we were able to use the information to strategically plot the next five years of our recruitment marketing plan. Because Stamats’ research team was as well-versed and experienced in higher education data mining and analysis as they were, the predictive nature of the findings and their recommendations absolutely exceeded our expectations. Stamats has earned my highest recommendation. Their counsel is just smarter.”