One of the nation’s leading public liberal arts colleges, Truman State University needed a strengthened brand that would help it communicate a) the liveliness of its somewhat isolated campus and b) the value of the liberal arts and sciences to students, employers, and citizens. Proof points for one objective might undercut the other, so Truman needed a brand that brought both aspects into emotional coherence. Truman also needed a new website and anchor publications to carry the brand.

Stamats began with an intensive discovery visit to campus. We also conducted quantitative perception research with a range of internal and external audiences. Working with these insights and with campus leaders, Stamats and Truman clarified a brand promise, tested the promise, and built out attributes and proof points for the institution. This research then informed the creative process, bringing the brand to life as “Pursue” and a visual and editorial voice unified around the passion that drives engaged learning, youthful communities, and active citizenship. Stamats gave the brand full expression in publications, a campus experience video, and a responsive website.

The campus and external audiences have embraced the strengthened brand. Truman’s students appreciate a brand that expresses youthful energy without being childish and that takes their pursuits as seriously as they do. Truman faculty appreciate a marketing position that emphasizes the passionate life of the mind. Administrators appreciate a brand that gives them a single song to harmonize all the stories they have to tell to such varied audiences. The website has also benefited from this increased brand engagement. Two months after the new site went live, Truman saw a 33% increase in pages viewed per session and a 27% increase in each session’s duration.