Though Trine University was thriving, the school lacked name recognition and suffered from unclear messaging to prospective students and a dated web presence. Our challenge was to develop a refined brand identity and integrate it with a new website—one that captured the rich and distinctive Trine experience.

We began by clarifying Trine’s brand, identifying strengths that the University could authentically own in the marketplace. The new brand campaign, “It’s a Trine Thing,” captures the school’s attitude and unique offerings.

A redesigned website reflects the fresh creative concept, features a modular approach to visuals and functionality, and is designed around a more intuitive architecture. By incorporating messaging elements consistently, the site reinforces the University’s brand attributes and powerfully communicates Trine’s elevated student experience.

By carefully aligning branding and digital work, the University has effectively addressed the identity issues that left prospective students struggling to grasp the Trine experience. The website now features constantly refreshing stories, facts, and campus event notices—dynamically matching Trine’s vibrant culture.

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