After a successful partnership redesigning its graduate school website, Texas Tech University reapproached Stamats to overhaul its outdated institutional site. The site wasn’t mobile friendly, and the navigation and architecture were confusing and hard to follow, especially given its size of approximately 60,000 pages. The site also leaned heavily on its athletics branding and didn’t focus enough on the school’s high-caliber academic environment and research quality.

Stamats worked closely with Texas Tech to figure out the best organization for its new site. To help the university better feature its academic quality, Stamats created a prominent link to the university’s research page from the top navigation and relied less on the athletics brand to sell the school at the top level. It also made the website easy to use and navigate for those who don’t know much about the school but want to learn more about Texas Tech.

Texas Tech now has a responsive website that is easy to navigate and is organized in a logical manner. Prospective students can quickly find the information they need, and the site more prominently features information for people who want to learn more about the university. The website also now highlights Texas Tech’s academic quality and more clearly shows the important work faculty and students do on campus every day to further their disciplines.

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