The Schreyer Honors College at Penn State provides academic enrichment opportunities for the top 3% of the undergraduate population, approximately 1,800 students in a given year. The college encourages academic excellence with integrity and a global, engaged perspective. The college had a solid reputation; plenty of audience data; a well-defined brand; a great technical team; and a website that was five years old, nonresponsive, not easily navigated, with an outdated feeling. Shreyer needed a site designed for prospective students—fresh, mobile-friendly, responsive, with useful navigation.

Given the well-defined project, Stamats took a streamlined approach to the project, moving from a focused discovery process directly into architecture and design. The architecture and navigation were planned with the needs of prospective undergraduate students front and center. A mobile-first approach guided everything from navigation cues to photo specifications. Within an overall clean look, we designed the home page for dramatic, edge-to-edge photos that grow or shrink with screen-size. We retained the Scholar’s Medal, an important icon for the college, with a crisp close-up in the feature carousel and as a symbolic foundation in the footer. We delivered functional templates that gave the in-house team the means to develop additional templates as needed for the interior pages, maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout the site.

Traffic has increased steadily and applications are up 20%. The in-house team from both communications and IT continues to work well together and Schreyer plans to expand the site with more content for additional audiences.

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