When three out of every four classes you offer have less than 20 students, that’s intimate. When you offer academic programs that are both popular and hard to find anywhere else, that’s innovative. But when few people—both within your walls and beyond—associate these characteristics with you, that’s a problem. This is what Morehead State University was facing. Their story wasn’t being championed internally, and wasn’t being heard externally. This needed to change.

Stamats partnered with MSU to address enrollment challenges through an analysis of University marketing and recruiting efforts. Through a Recruitment and Marketing Audit, Stamats was able to shed light on the University’s current position and offered prescriptive recommendations about how to achieve their goals.
The audit segued into brand research and a brand creative campaign. Stamats discovered that the benefits-oriented education and academic life that MSU was proud of were not being leveraged among a wider array of target audiences, who associate MSU with that story.
Thus came about “Much More,” which resonated with audiences and allowed MSU to target their communications in a more relevant way. Buy-in was enthusiastic, and MSU incorporated and extended the brand campaign, logo, and language into the website, print/online communications, and social media initiatives.

MSU acted on various short- and long-term recruitment and marketing recommendations from Stamats, and the results have been staggering. In August 2012, MSU had its largest freshman class in their 125-year history—1,650 first-time freshmen. MSU also saw total enrollments grow from 9,046 in 2009 to 10,971 in 2012. It’s obvious now that MSU has a reputation for taking average students and making them great, and that’s being factored into communications sent to prospective students with the objective that they can be, do, and achieve “Much More.”