Great weather, excellent academic opportunities, and one of the lowest tuition rates in the nation make Florida International University (FIU) a dream destination for many college students. But even with its obvious advantages, nearly 50 percent of FIU’s in-state inquiring students and an even higher number of parents indicated they had little or no familiarity with the university. To change that stark reality, FIU partnered with Stamats to articulate a distinct identity that would shift the perceptions of its most important audiences.

When we partnered with FIU on the multiphased brand development project, we set out to learn everything we could about the university’s most important audiences through phone-based, web-based, and in-depth surveys. We then used the research findings to create a set of key attributes that differentiated FIU from its competitors.

Stamats’ creative team crafted the concept of “Worlds Ahead” to frame FIU as a university that will take students worlds ahead of where they currently are in life and prepare them to be engaged global citizens. The concept puts a twist on the word “international,” which is central to the university’s identity and sensibility, and captures the dynamic global environment both on campus and in the surrounding community of Miami.

One year after its successful launch, FIU partnered with Stamats once again to conduct research on the effectiveness of the new brand. In addition to this benchmark research, Stamats continues to work with FIU on undergraduate recruitment publications and a website redesign project, making sure that the “Worlds Ahead” concept is tightly integrated with every aspect of FIU’s marketing and communication efforts.

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