A private, Roman Catholic-affiliated institution, Carroll College has earned a host of regional and national awards for academic program excellence. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Carroll as the #1 Regional College in the West and the #2 Regional Best Value College in the West. Though Carroll was enjoying healthy enrollment levels when they approached Stamats in 2016, leadership felt that the college’s brand messaging was not clear and distinct enough to meet its near-term goals.

Our main objective was to significantly upgrade the Carroll College brand message platform by developing a new brand strategy. The engagement began with an in-depth discovery visit followed by a data review, qualitative interviews with stakeholders, brand creative and strategy development, and brand implementation and launch planning.

Inspired by what we saw on campus, experienced firsthand, and learned from our research, Stamats developed Moments Make Us—an emotional campaign that taps into the power of Carroll’s humanity and connects it to academic rigor and outcome success. Deeply personal, the campaign is designed to tell the story of Carroll in a variety of authentic, relevant, and compelling ways.

Finally, to maximize the effectiveness of the new brand platform for enrollment and marketing, Stamats conducted a communication sequence mapping exercise. During this intensive process, we assessed Carroll’s communication strategies, aligned those strategies with the new brand messaging, and streamlined outreach to prospective students.

From start to finish, Stamats’ engagement with Carroll has been a study in successful collaboration. To fully and consistently express its new brand, we provide Carroll with ongoing consultative services. Together, we work to ensure that every campaign decision enhances the Carroll brand—a brand that now helps the college speak with a clearer voice, strengthen its sterling reputation for academic excellence, and connect with a new generation of learners. We’re delighted to report that Stamats’ relationship with Carroll continues as we redevelop the college’s athletic brand on the cusp of a major athletic fundraising initiative.