The power of a story. It can create change in the world. It can bring a community together for one common cause. It can really do anything. We’re all natural storytellers—some better than others—but we all have stories to tell.

At Stamats, we’ve been discovering, refining, and telling stories since our founders started a public relations company in 1923. Today, we call it marketing, but the business is fundamentally the same—helping clients discover, refine, and tell their stories in compelling ways to target audiences.

Our 90 years of existence—as proclaimed by the “90 Years Strong” banners outside our office—is rare today as many businesses become acquired, split up, or simply run their course and vanish. At Stamats, we continue to remain relevant and provide value to our customers, clients, and audiences.

Much like the art of storytelling—something as old and continuous as humanity itself—they really have the power to inspire, influence, and persuade. The Walt Disney Company—which also celebrates its 90th year in 2013—knows a thing or two about the art of storytelling. The power of a story is a major reason why Stamats has been so successful for its clients.

Our core values—creativity, service, quality, entrepreneurship, market focus, ethics, people, and community—still remains relevant today as they were 90 years ago. These timeless values serve as navigation stars to help us plot a safe course through time.

Our adaptability and the willingness to change are probably two of the most important keys to Stamats’ perseverance. Although research, strategy, and telling good stories continue to have the same human elements, the media by which these stories are communicated have evolved and continue to change dramatically. Today, we are faced with a myriad of ways to tell stories including print, online, mobile, video, and social media. We strive to be fluent in all of them, know which to use, when to use it, and for what purpose.

And we couldn’t do all of this without our talent. We are a community of diverse, educated, and talented individuals who together make up Stamats. By keeping good company, we make a good company.

These are the keys to our strength and point the way for another 90 years.

From all of us at Stamats, thank you for trusting us to help you tell your story. We wish you the very best during the holidays!