State Street, Albany, New York

Stamats Opens New York Office to Serve Higher Ed Clients

Albany, NY, August 1, 2016—Stamats, the nation’s leading higher education research and marketing firm, has established an additional office location in Albany, New York. This expansion will allow for improved efficiency and responsiveness to the needs and challenges of colleges and universities in the Northeastern United States.

The new office is part of the historic 90 State Street building in Albany, within walking distance of The State University of New York (SUNY) System Administration Building.

Randy Burge, associate vice president for strategic content, and Ray Witkowski, vice president for client services, are based in New York and will work from the new Albany office.

“The Northeast has the largest concentration of colleges and universities in the country. Those colleges and universities also face daunting challenges with regard to demographics and economics. While Stamats has always had an East Coast presence, the new office will allow us to consolidate our efforts, keep abreast of specific regional enrollment challenges, and provide enhanced service to our East Coast clients,” said Burge.

Guy Wendler, president and CEO, is especially optimistic about the opportunities for this new office. “Our Albany office enables our expert consultants to work more closely and efficiently as trusted advisors to colleges and universities in the Northeast. We will continue to evolve to be responsive to the needs of our clients. Their challenges are our challenges. Our success is determined by their success.”

About Stamats Communications:

Stamats Communications is a leading marketing and research company providing a complete range of services including websites, content marketing, email, magazines, video, research, traditional media, live events, and database marketing. Stamats focuses on distinct markets to gain unique category knowledge and experience that it brings to bear for the benefit of Stamats’ clients. These markets are higher education, commercial building operation and management, commercial building interior design, professional meeting planning, and healthcare. Through its subsidiary, The Thorburn Group, Stamats provides consumer marketing services to Fortune 500 companies. Stamats was founded in 1923 and today maintains offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (headquarters); Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Albany, New York.


Randy Burge
Associate Vice President for Strategic Content
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Ray Witkowski
Vice President for Client Services
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