Cedar Rapids, IA, February 24, 2015—She’s not following in her dad’s footsteps creatively, but she’s ready to forge her own path. Hanna Reese, daughter of Stamats’ Creative Director Chris Reese, has been chosen to receive a Stamats Communications Scholarship from the Iowa College Foundation. “I would like to say thank you for the scholarship and making the opportunity to further my education a little easier. I really appreciate it,” says Reese, a current Coe College student. Hanna has plans to graduate in 2017 with a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience. Eventually she would like to attend the University of Iowa for post-graduate studies. Her father has been with Stamats for 19 years, always in the design and creative areas of the higher education division. Not neuroscience, but certainly valuable to Stamats. Stamats is a strong supporter of higher education and believes in supporting the educational endeavors of its employees’ family members. In announcing the award, Stamats President Guy Wendler said, “Our company and society in general depend on higher education institutions to equip future employees to serve in the workforce. We also count more than 150 colleges and universities as clients. We are proud to show our support of both groups with scholarships such as the one Hanna will receive.” Stamats offers three $1000 scholarships each year to children of any current employee who plan to attend one of Iowa College Foundations’ independent colleges and universities or Kirkwood Community College. Applications for the fall of 2015 will be available soon.

About Stamats

Stamats is a leading national higher education marketing and research firm serving more than 150 public and private colleges and universities annually. Current and recent clients include: the University of Michigan, the University of Kentucky, Penn State University, Grinnell College, Drake University, Claremont Graduate University, University of Texas, and University of Georgia. Founded in 1923, Stamats is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and also has offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. See www.stamatscommunications.com for further information on the company