Stamats — with offices around North America — has demonstrated a commitment to developing lasting client relationships, most recently with the onboarding of Vice President for Business Development, Sarah Clough.

Sarah brings to Stamats clients over a decade of experience in strategic planning, data analysis, process improvement, and client relationship development. Over the course of her career, she has collaborated with more than 25 colleges and universities. Notably, she has served as a prospect management analyst for the University of Iowa Foundation and as a research administrator at Boston University.

Sarah says all sound marketing decisions, from fundraising to student matriculation, begin with a strategic approach to gathering and implementing research results. “The challenge is that in today’s environment, there’s no shortage of data,” Sarah says. “Institutions often struggle with how to cut through the noise to determine what’s most useful and what to do with it all. That’s a challenge I love facing.”

Executive Vice President Bill Stamats says “Sarah brings a wealth of higher education market research and strategic planning experience to Stamats. She is innately curious, driven, and focused on client concerns. These are key traits to fitting into Stamats corporate culture.”


Closing the Gap Between Data and Action

At Stamats, one of Sarah’s priority initiatives will be to help higher education institutions not only increase student/prospect communication, but also refine those initiatives with actionable, data-driven strategies.

“Many organizations have substantial data on their students and prospects, but it’s not collated in an actionable way. What’s worse, when organizations make the wise decision to invest in research, many don’t know where to begin to use the results to effect change that impacts the bottom line. Stamats offers a fully integrated approach to help higher ed teams achieve their business goals, top to bottom. One of my main goals is to connect these teams with our industry experts to close the loop.”

Sarah is eager for the opportunity to collaborate with new and current client partners. “I’m impressed with the Stamats team’s rigorous approach to market research and am excited to partner with institutions to put that data into action.”

More than 70 percent of all higher education institutions have partnered with Stamats over the years. With Sarah’s leadership in 2019, Stamats will strategically expand its research-driven digital and branding services into the higher ed space.

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About Sarah Clough

Sarah completed her undergraduate work at Cornell College. She earned a master’s degree and Graduate Certificate in Fundraising Management from Boston University. She is an active and enthusiastic volunteer with local and national organizations.

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