The Triple Benefit of Paid Internships

Bill Stamats

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In a competitive labor market, recruiting and retaining top talent means staying ahead of the benefits curve. Over the past three years, Covid has upended (or more precisely, reinvented) how and where work gets done. But it’s also challenged some of the whys of work. Finding new ways to inspire staff, reward their contributions, and balance work and life has never been more important.

Developing a paid internship program for employee family members provides a triple benefit ― for staff members, for interns, and for the company as a whole. For employees, the added family benefit can:

  • Help parents nurture the professional aspirations of their children
  • Lighten team workloads and improve the work environment
  • Expand leadership skills and create new supervisory roles

Today’s interns do much more than make coffee and reload copiers. For young professionals, paid internships offer an opportunity to build resume-worthy skill sets and:

  • Save money for college or training programs
  • Build relationships with mentors and develop a professional network
  • “Test-drive” career tracks early in the educational experience
  • Potentially transition from intern to full-time employee  

Innovation is the lifeblood of every business. Internships create a pipeline of fresh thinking and new talent that can help companies:

  • Attract top-tier employees
  • Leverage the latest technological tools and expand the tech skills of staff
  • Develop more effective marketing strategies to reach younger audiences
  • Harness the power of social media in new ways
  • Bridge generational gaps and improve internal/external communication

By the Numbers: The Power of Paid Internships

National data not only shows the positive impact paid internships have on career outcomes, but it also highlights the troubling gender disparity between paid and unpaid interns.

Here are a few of the most compelling statistics compiled by College Recruiter in 2019:

  • 66.4% of graduates in 2019 who were paid as interns received job offers.
  • Only 43.7% of unpaid interns were offered jobs in 2019.
  • Paid interns are 34% more likely to get at least one job offer after graduation.
  • Women are 77% more likely to be offered unpaid internships.

Stamats’ Family and Leadership Internship Program

At Stamats, we’re doing our part to train the next generation of leaders. Open to immediate family members of every full-time employee, our Family and Leadership Internship Program is designed to help young people take that crucial first step in their careers.

For 30 hours each week, paid interns work alongside a mentor, assisting with special projects, and completing various training programs. Encouraged to be proactive, our participants pitch in where needed and brainstorm new ways to serve our clients.

Stamats also teaches interns how to market themselves professionally. We provide assistance with resume-writing, interviewing, and creating an effective LinkedIn profile. Stamats’ culture ― a culture that welcomes inquiry, independent thought, and spirited collaboration — supports our participants at every phase of the internship.

At the conclusion of the internship, participants present what they’ve learned, sharing highlights of their experience and offering specific ideas for company growth.

Interested in learning more about all the benefits of a Stamats career? Explore current job openings or call HR Director Amber White to discuss a custom crafted opportunity for you.

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