3 Examples of Wildly Successful Storytelling

Bill Stamats

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In my previous post, I shared seven ways to harness the power of storytelling to improve marketing results, engage audiences, and transform brands. But what does storytelling look like in real life? How are the strategies we explored being put to work to solve the business challenges of companies and organizations across the nation? 

The profiles below illustrate how three different Stamats clients used a form of storytelling to address brand, event, and digital challenges. More importantly, they show how specific tips were used tactically to make the stories more compelling and far more successful.  

So, settle in for three true to life stories. (Spoiler alert: Each one has a happy ending.)  

1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  

Tips demonstrated: Be authentic, Connect emotionally 

To begin, with a rich history of bringing together the brightest minds to solve the world’s most daunting challenges, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute already had a powerful story to tell. Now, the challenge was refining it and sharing it in a way that engaged high-caliber faculty and staff, students, alumni, and donors.

To achieve that goal, Stamats’ TTG team in Minneapolis developed the “Why Not Change the World” campaign.  Born from RPI’s countless stories of scientific and technical discoveries, the multi-pronged effort was designed to connect emotionally with today’s audiences. Thus, by translating RPI’s legacy into an accessible, inspirational, and deeply authentic story, “Why Not Change the World” unified the RPI brand and linked the school’s past to its future.  

To explore RPI’s “Why Not Change the World” campaign, check out our case study

2. Inspire by i+s  

Tips demonstrated: Understand your audiences, Empower them to share their stories 

Neo Con, one of the largest commercial design trade shows, was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 concerns. In response, Stamats developed Inspire, an immersive virtual showroom experience tailor-made to replace the in-person event for our i+s brand.

Partnering with Savannah College of Art and Design, our team enlisted students to create original renderings of each vendor’s showroom. Virtual showrooms featured digital hotspots, detailed product displays, and custom podcasts. Each day, users were encouraged to tour a new featured space and share their impressions and experiences via social media.  

The result was a completely new virtual event. Inspire empowered audience members to engage with each other and share their stories in spite of unprecedented challenges. Even the solution itself was part of a broader story of innovation. Being part of this highly collaborative response elevated and enhanced each vendor’s brand.

To learn more about Inspire, check out our case study.

3. Rutgers University

Tips demonstrated: Be authentic, Connect emotionally, Bring it back to your brand

Founded before the United States was a nation, Rutgers University is the very embodiment of history. To help Rutgers celebrate its 250th anniversary, Stamats developed “Our Revolutionary Spirit,” a short film pairing archival photos and footage with contemporary narration and stories.

Though steeped in Rutgers’ long history, the video feels decidedly contemporary and relevant. From Simeon De Witt, George Washington’s geographer and the man who helped design Manhattan’s street grid, to Paul Robeson, a trailblazing football player and civil rights activist, the video showcases the stories of Rutgers graduates who have helped shape the world around us.

Their individual stories are the collective story of Rutgers itself — and an emotional, inspirational touchstone for students, faculty and staff, alumni, and partners. What better way to authentically celebrate a brand than to shine a light on the revolutionary spirit — the revolutionary stories — that created it?

Interested in Rutgers’ video campaign? Watch “Our Revolutionary Spirit” 

All in all, we believe stories surround every business, organization, and institution. Our job is to turn those stories into powerful tools of connection through cutting-edge research, creative, and digital services. Call or email for more information on how Stamats can help you tell your story.

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