Improving Yield: It’s a Strategy Game

Sabra Fiala

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In a world that’s ruled by shorter and shorter attention spans, 24/7 messaging, and an endless array of nuanced options, marketing success demands clear strategy. Particularly when it comes to improving yield—growing the number of qualified applicants and then converting those applicants into actively enrolled students—success requires forethought and flawless execution.

Let’s briefly explore two of the most important strategies that institutions often overlook or undervalue in their quest to improve yield—conversion and content.

Conversion Strategy

Moving a lead from applicant to enrolled student doesn’t happen by accident. It’s an intentional process made up of dozens (or more) of incremental steps which must be understood, planned for, and controlled. Ask yourself, “Which contact points in my conversion process matter most?” “Am I facilitating conversion at each point?” “Where are prospective students falling off the radar or making other choices?”

Content Strategy

We’d shout it from the rooftops if we could: “Content drives conversion!” With a clear understanding of your conversion process, you can begin to develop a content strategy that supports it. That means refining content to maximize the chances of conversion and ensuring that each new piece of content serves a clear purpose. Written copy, CTAs, infographics, photos, podcasts, webinars — each should be carefully brand aligned, strategic, and conversion-focused.

Remember, to improve yield, your conversion and content strategies must be in sync. Think of it this way: Conversion is the “what” (the action or series of actions you want prospective students to take). Content should be designed to answer both “why?” and “how?” (because of the valuable resources you deliver, because of your relevant and on-brand messaging, and through the clear calls-to-action that guide students toward the goal). Like two sides of the same coin, these strategies are inseparable from one another.

We’ve talked a lot about strategy here, but barely scratched the surface of ways to methodically grow yield. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today

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