Marketers rely on breaking industry news. Instead of being greeted by the blinding light of your device of choice in the morning, all you have to do is ask Alexa for the latest news. When you ask Alexa for your news flash, you can receive the latest news in marketing.

It’s as simple as going to, the Amazon app, or the Alexa app and searching for the organization you want to follow. Once you’ve located their profile, click Enable to Use.

Now that it’s added, any Alexa-supported voice device will deliver industry news and topics without the hassle of starting your day off on the wrong foot. Listen to the latest industry, national, or world news to which you want to subscribe.

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Benefits of Using Alexa Instead of Devices

Using a brightly lit phone, tablet, or laptop immediately after waking up or before falling asleep can have adverse effects on your health and productivity. Instead, let voice-activated Alexa’s artificial intelligence brief you on the latest in marketing trends and more.

Using an Alexa-integrated device for the latest news also frees your hands and increases productivity during your morning routine, nightly ritual or busy day.

News Flash: Alexa Makes News Easy

One of the first concerns this writer had about the Alexa News Flash was how to read the rest of an article after hearing an amazing headline or summary. It’s as simple as opening up your Alexa app, going to Activity and scrolling through the articles that Alexa listed.