20 Marketing Resolutions

Bob Sevier

Bob Sevier

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These marketing resolutions apply to any year, at any time. Do you have marketing resolutions?

Get back to us via Twitter @stamats with your #2019marketingmanifesto.

Here are 20 resolutions to get you started:

  1. I will learn, apply, and even teach the difference between integrated marketing, integrated marketing communications, and promotion.

  2. I will insist on a formal, written integrated marketing plan that includes goals, audiences, actions by individual, budgets, timelines, and evaluation mechanisms.

  3. I will not ask my staff to write a plan without offering initial direction on goals and the dollars that are available to invest.

  4. I will insist that the people in my department share goals and resources. 

  5. I will eschew turf. I will recognize that gaining total consensus, like winning the lotto, is unlikely to happen. Rather than wait for total consensus, I will seek functional consensus and press on.

  6. I will not let myself off the hook by saying, “We don’t have enough money.” Rather, I will work with what I have and seek to prioritize, integrate, and coordinate my dollars and those of my colleagues.

  7. I will build a brand that is important, believable, distinctive, and emotionally engaging. In other words, I will build a brand that is valued, in tangible ways, by the target audiences who will pay for it and the stakeholders who will spend their careers advancing and fulfilling it.

  8. Rather than be distracted by unsubstantiated opinion, I will develop a viable research cycle.

  9. I will scour the websites of companies like Stamats looking for free research data, white papers, and other information that will help me and my school better understand the marketplace. I’ll share this information widely, especially with my campus leaders.

  10. I will be a thought leader and an idea generator.

  11. I will insist on testing a new variable every time I undertake search or the annual fund, even if I don’t have time and it is not convenient.

  12. I will never ask for recommendations or make a decision on a specific tactic without looking at the larger message/communication flow. I will seek a whole-systems perspective.

  13. I will seek the synergy and security of fewer, more important messages communicated more robustly through multiple channels.

  14. I will measure outcomes and not output.

  15. Rather than being concerned about how many publications I produced, I will seek to determine whether those publications helped move the needle.

  16. I will commit myself to mROI (measuring return on investment).

  17. I will be message and channel agnostic and never fall in love with my publications, websites and social media campaigns. Rather, I will only fall in love with results.

  18. I will be a secret shopper. I will anonymously call the main switchboard after 5 p.m. to see how I am treated. I will navigate my webpage and try to find a list of majors or giving opportunities. And I will go on a tour of my campus … and the campuses of my top five competitors.

  19. I will say “no” more often, so I can do a better job when I do say “yes.”

  20. I will do less of what I like so I can do more of what I love. I will stick to the plan and not sacrifice the truly strategic for the merely urgent or distracting.

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