2 LinkedIn Pro-Tips from ContentTECH 2019

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On day two of the 2019 ContentTECH Summit, attendees got a behind-the-scenes look at how the LinkedIn marketing team mastered content marketing on their platform.

After years of getting early access to new products, refining strategies, and learning from successes and failures, LinkedIn’s Megan Golden, group manager, Global Content & Social Media Marketing, shared a case study of how her team builds full funnel and B2B social media content strategies. 

Two key points stuck out for this digital marketer. Let’s take a look.

1. Marketers are obsessed with ‘newness,’ but ‘new’ doesn’t sell.

With $7 billion in profit in 2018, Golden said the Disney conglomerate is “living their best lives.” But in looking at their content roadmap, something looked familiar.

In 2018, released films had names like “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” “The Incredibles 2,” “Mulan,” and “Mary Poppins Returns”—all are either character spin-offs, live-action reboots, or sequels of previously successful stories.

According to Golden, only 1 in 5 new ad campaigns outperform old campaigns. Her research shows that the average consumer sees 5,000 ads a day, and merely 14% of internet users remember the last ad they saw.

Furthermore, only 8% recall the company or product promoted, and just 2.4% thought the ad was relevant.

The takeaway? Find what sells and repurpose it—and what sells is relevance and familiarity.

2. If you’re not testing, you’re losing money.

In her presentation, Golden stressed the importance of A/B testing as well as to “always test the winner.” At LinkedIn, Golden’s team found that when comparing a post with a stat versus one without, the post with the stat saw a 37% higher click-through rate (CTR) and 162% more impressions.

But they didn’t let that be the end of their strategy. After further testing, the team found that an image with a quote outperformed an image with a stat.

Other A/B test findings from the LinkedIn team included:

  • A call-out to their target audience saw a 15% higher CTR and 53% higher conversion rate versus the same creative without an audience call-out.
  • A darker colored image in a sponsored content post grew 177% versus the one with a lighter image.
  • Using the term “Guide” in the copy versus “eBook” grew the CTR by 100%.
  • Using an image with a person was much more successful than one with just an object.

When it comes to digital marketing, Golden made it crystal clear that our job is never done. Whether we are revisiting and repurposing content or testing and refining ongoing strategies, digital marketers must stay on top of what works and how audiences respond.

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