Programs Are Important…but Money Rules When It Comes to Website Perusing!

Adult students—including both degree-seeking (undergraduate and graduate) and certificate—are more likely to rank “cost information” at the top of their list when asked, what’s the most important piece of information they seek on a college or university website. This finding, among many others, is included in Stamats’ fifth annual Adult StudentsTALK™ study conducted last fall.…

Chuck Reed, Stamats

Reed Between the Lines: Enrollment Criteria

The question I asked wasn’t some highfalutin smarty pants show-off nugget. It was pretty basic. “Why do you want to grow enrollment?” The president and her leadership mulled this. At least one person, the provost I recall, snickered with that “Duh-why-do-you-think?” smugness. “Well, we are a tuition-driven institution and we could use the numbers.” I…

Connecting the Dots

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to spend some time with a fellow traveler. It was one of those airport conversations. He was on his way to Taipei and we were both killing time in SFO. When I asked him what he did for a living, and he said he was a consulting engineer. His primary job, when working with engineering teams from around the world, was to help them “connect the dots on things.”