Measuring Marketing ROI and Institutional Success

I am a great fan of measuring the return on your marketing investment (ROI). ROI helps you evaluate effectiveness, improve performance, refine strategies, and increase your level of confidence in your marketing activities. In fact, I really can’t think of anything negative to say about ROI. Well, there is one: Almost no one in higher education consistently uses ROI tools and techniques.

Six Tips to Strengthen Your Alumni Participation Rate

When a high school student sits down with her or his parents to consider where to attend college, many considerations are in play. Some students look at the academic features and ratings of an institution, some look at residential life, and others look at first-year student retention rates. While these considerations are important, I suspect that the institution’s alumni participation rate as donors is considered more by prospective students than many institutions believe.

A Seminar for the Lone Ranger in Each of Us

With Mother’s Day behind us and Father’s Day in front of us, I’m reminded of an old western hero and his horse that my own father loved; the Lone Ranger and his trusty steed, Silver. My father was born into the Great Depression, an era that was a turbulent point in American history overburdened by problems that needed interventionist changes and at the same time awash in changes that required speedy action on the part of leaders.

Build a Brand to Connect with Adult Students

How does brand affect the adult student? As we referenced in our last issue, adult learners looking for programs from degree completion to graduate programs continue to use search engines to research programs and narrow their consideration set. Does that mean brand messaging goes unnoticed on this prospective audience? Not necessarily, as the “new traditional”…