Amy Luethmers

Chief Marketing Officer, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Luethmers has 25+ years of experience developing and implementing marketing and communications initiatives designed to engage a wide variety of audiences, as well as leading highly productive, award-winning creative teams. She earned both her MBA and B.S. in Marketing/Business Communications from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls and is also Agile ScrumMaster (CSM) and Product Owner (CPO) certified through the Scrum Alliance.

Prior to entering the higher education field in 2010, Luethmers began her career in corporate marketing. She later went on to run her own marketing consulting agency for several years where she worked with clients in a wide variety of fields.

In her current role as the Chief Marketing Officer at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Luethmers serves on the Chancellor’s cabinet and assists with providing overall strategic direction for the university, as well as university-wide marketing and communications strategies. She leads a cross-campus Integrated Marketing and Communications team, as well the University Marketing team which has successfully switched to operating within an Agile framework over the past two years. The team’s transition to Agile has vastly improved their ability to prioritize and manage their workload, generate both more autonomy and transparency, and reduce stress while also increasing productivity and the ability to better meet deadlines. The unit’s recent success with Agile has inspired other areas on campus to explore implementing Agile within their own teams as well.

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