Curiosity has always been Adam’s thing. Music, new technology, best practices in UX, emerging trends in longboarding, you name it. It’s the artist in him. When it comes to design, he uses that curiosity to marry aesthetics and strategy in a way that will compel whoever’s looking in to take meaningful action. It’s an approach he’s brought to award-winning campaigns for Ivies, top private colleges, and respected national universities, and it’s why those campaigns are now described as “award-winning.” Not that Adam dwells on the past. He doesn’t. It’s always about moving on to the next challenge, whether it’s design, guitar, or a new snowboarding slope.

And if you want to talk vinyl, Adam’s your guy. He’s amassed a collection of 550 albums.

Adam’s Top Three Albums

Sonny Rollins—Way Out West; Bob Dylan—The Freewheelin’; Beck—One Foot In The Grave.