While the fresh start of a new fiscal year is typically something to look forward to, FY16 will be a challenging one for lots of colleges across the country. We’re already hearing from a number of chief marketing and chief recruiting officers who report that projected tuition revenue shortfalls will require budget-tightening at best, and staff-trimming at worst.

On your campus, the fiscal year ahead will likely be punctuated by conversations about exploring new academic programs, breaking in to new markets, tapping new prospective student pools, forming new partnerships, trying new promotional strategies, doing new market research, and attempting all of it on a tighter budget.

If there’s a silver lining in the challenging year ahead, it is this: There’s never been a better time for you to flex your school’s creative muscle…to get serious about challenging your marketing and recruitment operations to Stand Up in your creative expression (publications, presentations, advertising, etc.) so you can Stand Out in more compelling ways among your competitors. After all, if you need to accomplish more with fewer resources next year, the marketing investments you make in FY16 need to return greater dividends than ever before.

Bottom line: if you’re promoting your institution in FY16 the same way you did in FY15, FY14 and FY13, expecting different results is unrealistic, if not just plain foolhardy.

For nearly 20 years, Stamats has shared findings from its annual TeensTALK™ Study—celebrated as a research standard for recruitment marketing practitioners—with the nation’s higher education community. In the 2015 version of the TeensTALK™ Report I’ll present on June 30 at the Stamats Intensive one-day conference in Chicago, you’ll see teen-focused market research from multiple organizations, agencies, and consultancies across the nation pertaining to teens’ creative preferences, perceptions and expectations. Additionally, the 2015 TeensTALK™ Report includes video clips from recent TeensTALK™ LIVE! panel discussions that powerfully demonstrate teens’ creative preferences, attitudes and expectations.

This is exactly the kind of creative inspiration and guidance you and your team need right now to ramp up your creative game during the critically important months ahead.

Our goal for the 2015 TeensTALK™ Report is to provide you and your team with a collection of creative counsel from multiple reputable sources in one coherent report that offers insights to help you refine the development of creative recruitment marketing tools and executions (publications, websites, advertising, etc.) for multiple communication channels.

Join my Stamats and Thorburn Group colleagues in Chicago on June 30 for this year’s high-speed, high-intensity conference titled “Marketing Intelligence for What Lies Ahead.”

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