The Full List of Every College and University on Twitter

Over the last few months I have visited thousands of college Twitter accounts with the goal of creating a list of every college and university with a Twitter presence in the United States. Maybe this is because I’m the marketing intern or maybe management pegged me as someone with patience.

The full list of every college and university on Twitter includes over 2,000 higher education institutions that have an active account on Twitter.

How I use social media as a student

As a student, I follow my university’s Twitter account to find out what is happening on campus. Nearly every event, speaker, emergency alert, or any other kind of news that relates to my school has shown up on their Twitter.



What about Snapchat or Instagram, you may wonder.

“General rule of thumb: once you discover a social media channel, most prospective students have moved on,” said our own Senior Vice President of Strategy, Bob Sevier, PhD.

Yes, we are using Snapchat and Instagram but we are also on Twitter. Twitter is here to stay. In fact, with an estimated 310 million active monthly users, Twitter is the second most popular social media platform.

For colleges and universities, it’s all about rapid adaptation. So, talk with us on Twitter and find ways to get our attention on Instagram. Please, don’t use Snapchat unless you can find a good reason and a fun way to engage with us. If it’s fun, we’ll appreciate it. If it feels like my great aunt Ida sending me spammy snaps of her snickerdoodle cookies, we won’t.

As a student, I’m less likely to engage with my school’s Twitter if it sounds like a robotic tweet. Although I do appreciate it when my school retweets or replies to something I’ve said.



By showing engagement with your current and prospective students, you have the ability to set yourself apart.

Stay connected to us (your students) by really engaging us with great content that we care about.



Of course, not every school will have alumni go on to win the World Cup, but all schools have individuals who want to stay connected and show off their school pride.



So if your school doesn’t already have a strategy in place for what to do on Twitter, is it too late to start? No, not at all. Our digital strategists would love to help you set up the perfect Twitter strategy for your school. Contact us or tweet us.

Share a great example of how your institution uses Twitter in the comments below. Include the link and explain how it fits into your overall social media strategy.

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