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How do you know if you’re ready for a college website redesign? We assess many colleges and see a common pattern over the years. Maybe it’s the frustrated students who can’t find the FAFSA renewal forms. Or the staff members who battle the content management system (CMS). Worst of all, are the future students who eliminate you out because your website doesn’t work on their smartphones.

Find out if your college is a smooth digital machine or a virtual repository for everyone’s documents.  Even if you pass automated tools like the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, we often still find issues with the HTML code, metadata, or even the governance process.

Is your website older than five years?
Can you easily navigate your website from a smartphone?
Can you explore the menus with only your keyboard?
Can you reach your program pages within three mouse clicks? (For example, find English major)
Do you have a brand and writing style guide?
Does your university’s logo or wordmark consistently appear on every page?
Do the different parts of the website feel as if they belong to the same university?
Does your analytics data show a regular decline in traffic over the weekend?
Are the pages cluttered or surrounded with information on the sidebars?
Are faculty and administration constantly adding content or demanding to be on the home page?
Do you have more than three menus on any one page?
Do you have more than seven links in any of your menus?
Do you have a decentralized content governance model where every department is free to do their own thing?
Is your website arranged like your organization chart?
Do content contributors prefer to publish content as PDF instead of a new page?

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