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Chuck Reed, Senior Vice President for Client Services

So, I’m looking at a range of current parent-directed university materials and college web pages from all kinds of institutions and parent-centric data from a bazillion sources in preparation (agreed upon—“parents are involved in college choice”).

It strikes me that all of this work institutions aim towards this audience misses the boat in one, simple way.

Nowhere does it say “We guarantee your child’s success.”

Whoa. There would be some out-of-the-box thinking.

After all, LOL, that’s all parents want. OMG, it’s just one thing, people. Deliver it in writing, please.

Here’s how parents think:

Keep your “affordable, transforming experience” and “challenging yet supportive environment” and tell me salary ranges of last year’s graduates. How many jobs is my daughter going to have to choose from upon graduation in four years or less (or less because you know, she’s mint, and is going to knock your “caring, respected professors” right out of their tenure tracks.)

I respect that saving the world/curing hunger/studying in Paris has a place, and kudos for colleges’ liberal arts core to build that foundational thingy you all blah-blah-blah about.

Just guarantee me that that Ishmael will be 360-degrees of happy, though, and it’s boom goes the dynamite. Simple.

Sure, knowing how each and every graduate you lovingly coddle to maturity is a better person today than when he/she came IS important, but only linked to that sure future mom wants. Give a dad some assurance that Becca will be better AND assuredly cure cancer as a pre-med student (note—Becca couldn’t pass basic chemistry and has the attention span of…of…of), and you can put her in the W column.

To sum, if you want to break out of the blur and do something no other college ever has, guarantee an error-free life and future. That is money. And guaranteeing their child’s money is double money.

So make the pledge. I dare you

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