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Chuck Reed, Senior Vice President for Client Services

I was writing something about the ultimate people palooza called social media for this month (“Does Facebook make my butt look big and my college choice right?”) when I suddenly remembered a client a few years back at the other end of the communication spectrum.

Time flies. Communication flies faster.

That admissions officer expressed the concern of the day—the potential shortening of her viewbook to save dollars both in print and mailing. THAT was light years ahead of an even earlier conversation in our history about what the cover photo should be, and who should be featured. “Can we be appealing without the PC ‘We Are the World’ photo?”

Her argument was “that’s our flagship” or the like. “How can I possibly backtrack now? I’ve fought for those dollars and our classes are coming in.” Valid point that day.

I’m not mocking her now, nor disagreeing—at the time, in that situation, she was right to question. I wish more clients had worried like that, or thought about such things.

I just wonder what in the world she would be doing NOW with decisions not on the length of the viewbook but do you even need to do a viewbook (probably, though maybe not in print)? Or what is print’s role (varies)? Or how web and print best interact (being aligned)?

Or, how to staff for Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/etc. (no clue, there is no one answer)?

I would ask her but she’s now gone from that college and apparently isn’t on Facebook in her personal life. At least I can’t find her, and I looked. I was thinking I’d test her.

Curiously, her former institution’s Facebook page has more than 3,000 likes in its history but months of posts only by the college. Almost no engagement, no interaction, which is kind of the point of social media. So, basically a neutral effort at best. Is there a valuable lesson in all this?

Only to plan your communication for today with some eye ever slightly ahead, because tomorrow something like Glowchatterpal or Nittpix or Biddlysnap or some other wacko toy will be BIG and we’ll all worry over that.

Oh, ™ on all of those. Covering my bases.

I saw The Social Network.

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