Work with Stamats to write a plan

Ensure That Your Plan is the Best One

You know where you want to go. You think you have the resources. But you need to move fast, efficiently, and effectively, and that takes a great plan. You need a plan that’s detailed, with built in points to measure, adjust, and adapt as you go.

How We Can Help

Strategic Planning

The myriad challenges and opportunities facing today’s colleges and universities demand a strategic planning process that is dynamic, inclusive, and efficient. Central to our approach is the idea of alignment. Our process stresses alignment between the institution and its marketplace, the plan and its budget, and the plan and the campus community.

Integrated Marketing and Communications Planning

How well do you communicate with your most important internal and external audiences? We’ll approach the question with you, through a comprehensive assessment; a three-tiered evaluation of strategic, organizational, and message integration; and an examination of the resources—people, dollars, and technology—that support your integrated marketing communication efforts.

Brand Communication Planning

Communicating your brand to targeted audiences in authentic, compelling ways is essential. Stamats will work with your brand team to develop an institutional brand communication plan, drawing from your institutional goals, audience needs, history, and resources, as well as the best practices within and beyond the higher education industry.

Recruitment Planning

Carefully conceived and thoughtfully executed plans are the key to long-term success recruiting undergraduate, graduate, and adult students. And, when, the objectives in the plan are realistic, budgets are carefully addressed, and accountability is clear, you have a recruiting plan that you can implement successfully.

Social Media Planning and Strategy

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter help you engage with prospective students, current students, alumni, and more. Whether you are currently leveraging these platforms or whether you are just beginning, we can help you use social media to drive admissions, increase yield, and create lasting connection with your audiences.

Resources to Help You Write a Plan

Reaching for the Brass Ring

There are two things I wish college and university leaders would understand. First, almost any single college in the country can be wildly successful. Second, because of declining resources and changing demographics, all cannot. The difference between success and failure is not dependent on budget or location or institutional type. Rather, the difference between success…


The Power and Peril of Paradigms

A paradigm is a basic framework that contains commonly accepted views about a subject. All of us have paradigms. They guide us. To some degree they protect us. Unfortunately, they can also blind us because they can prevent us from seeing the future.


Debunking Persistent Myths About the Higher Education Marketplace

Changing needs and marketplaces have created myriad conversations around the question What should we do next? We know that answering this question is not always easy, but persistent myths about the marketplace have made answering it even more difficult than it needs to be. At the risk of offending or oversimplifying, we want to briefly…


Death of Distinctive

Over the holidays I wrapped up a new book on strategic planning. During my research, I had a chance to read dozens of strategic plans and noticed that many of them included a list of distinctive competencies. I cringe every time I read that phrase for two reasons.