Work with Stamats to refine your pricing strategy

Tuition Pricing Isn’t About Being the Cheapest or Most Expensive

Pricing and costs drive much of the clamor around education. Sift through the yammering, change the ways you’ve always done it, and create a true competitive advantage with rational pricing decisions based on data and brand equity.

How We Can Help

Tuition Price Elasticity and Brand Value Study™

This powerful research tool allows you to see beforehand how changes in tuition will impact market share and overall net tuition revenue—including the price threshold at which students and families balk—as well as how your position in the choice set impacts students’ willingness to pay.

Brand Clarification and Development

Your brand is an outward expression of your institution’s core values, so we help you communicate those enduring qualities. Brand marketing requires a high level of campus involvement and engagement, so we spend time on your campus, we build community, and we engage campus leaders and stakeholders at key points.

Academic Program Assessment

To build a robust array of academic programs that are in demand and are differentiated from your competitors’ programs, begin with a rational academic program assessment. Our academic program survey will tell you the strengths and opportunities within existing programs. Your current programs may have the equity to stay in your program portfolio; measuring is the way to find out.

Identify New Academic Programs

Your strongest asset is an array of academic programs that are in demand and are differentiated from your competitors’ programs. New academic programs may complete that array effectively if you choose, shape, and market them with enough data and with careful planning.

Resources to Help You Refine Your Pricing Strategy

GOP Tax Reform: Implications for Higher Education

Well before it’s even voted on by the Senate, tax reform legislation introduced by the GOP is inspiring much discussion, debate, and pushback. Though the specifics of the plan are likely to evolve, let’s take a brief look at what the proposed legislation could mean for students, their families, and colleges and universities across the…


New Book: Top Problems Facing Colleges

Top Problems Facing Colleges lists the 16 most daunting challenges. The book challenges how colleges select presidents and trustees, citing better cost management of the most cherished academic sacred cows. The author, Norman Smith, is a college president, president of Emeritus, and former Harvard Dean. Get a copy of Norman Smith’s book today.


Let’s Talk Value.

Cost. Affordability. Value. As an academic strategist, you may be wondering if there’s any way to improve the money conversation. We think you can move from costs, where the conversation often stalls, to value, where it belongs. Value, or the relationship between perceived costs and perceived benefits, has intuitive clarity. This is the ratio that…


Money, Majors, and the Workforce of 2040

The students you recruit now will be mid-career by 2040. With all the focus students and parents are putting on outcomes, I’m a little worried about what the workforce will look like. Some days it feels as if it will be wall-to-wall physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and accountants. (Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be of…


Ahoy, Autumn

Tis talk like a pirate day, me hearties, and—Avast!—t’day we recollect the scabrous treasure chest buried by t’ lubber, John Keats. Me barnacled beauty o’ a perfessor called ye, “T’Autumn.” So, just ter mix some chum in wit t’po-eh-tree, I’ll say ye t’launch o’ t’poem in pirate: “Season o’ mists and mellow fruitfulness Close bosom-bucko…