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Find the Hole in Your Recruitment Funnel

Enrollment weaknesses are symptoms, not the problem. Whether you’re trying to make a class, make a better class, or widen your pool, seek first to understand the problem as clearly as you feel the pain. Is it how you’re seen by your prospects? Is it that you’re not seen by your prospects? Are you communicating too little? Too much? At the wrong moments in the funnel? Once we know the challenge, we can shape a solution.

How We Can Help

Image and Perception Studies

If you could flip open their brains, could you see what goes on as they choose (or don’t choose) your institution? How you stack up to competitors? Whose opinion counts as they make a choice? No flip-top heads here, yet our image and perception research gives insight into their thoughts.

Student Recruitment Assessment

Stamats will partner with your recruiting staff to identify and prioritize your best opportunities to enhance recruiting effectiveness. This focused assessment will serve you well if you generally meet your goals but need an outside eye to help you improve, or need immediate assistance to meet your current cycle goals.

Competitive Positioning

Smarter positioning depends upon knowledge of your competitive environment as well as the academic programs and learning environment strengths that distinguish you from your competitors. Our experienced researchers and consultants can help you find sustainable competitive advantages through a competitive environment scan and the right selection of other tools.

Communication Sequence Mapping

To meet your goals, each contact should serve a strategic purpose, continue and enhance your unique story, and arrive at the optimal time. Communication sequence mapping brings order and strategy to complex communications, and leaves you with a more useful end product than the usual marketing communications audit.

Recruitment Planning

Carefully conceived and thoughtfully executed plans are the key to long-term success recruiting undergraduate, graduate, and adult students. And, when, the objectives in the plan are realistic, budgets are carefully addressed, and accountability is clear, you have a recruiting plan that you can implement successfully.

New Market Identification

What if you had a map that located that elusive treasure, those students who want your programs? As you seek more demand for current programs and as you consider new programs or new delivery methods, let us help you make a clearer map of your growing markets.

Academic Program Assessment

To build a robust array of academic programs that are in demand and are differentiated from your competitors’ programs, begin with a rational academic program assessment. Our academic program survey will tell you the strengths and opportunities within existing programs. Your current programs may have the equity to stay in your program portfolio; measuring is the way to find out.

Social Media Planning and Strategy

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter help you engage with prospective students, current students, alumni, and more. Whether you are currently leveraging these platforms or whether you are just beginning, we can help you use social media to drive admissions, increase yield, and create lasting connection with your audiences.

Resources to Help You Improve Enrollment

Information Source Used by Higher Education Adult Students

Chief Information Sources Used by Adult Students

Like undergraduate students, adult students use a panoply of information sources when exploring prospective colleges and programs. Not surprisingly, these sources include a blend of: Digital and non-digital information Channels controlled by the school and channels independent from the school University Website The most powerful owned media, not surprisingly, is an institution’s website. Recognizing its…


higher education barriers to overcome

Barriers to Overcome

Understanding the Concerns Adult Students Have About Going to College Colleges and universities interested in recruiting adult students often fill their recruiting communication channels with information on why an adult student should go (back) to school. The information is logical and their arguments are persuasive. At least up to a point. What schools often forget, however, are…


A/B Testing Tips with OU Campus

5 Tips for A/B Testing With OU Campus™

It happens countless times each day: Visitors land on your website by clicking a search ad or Facebook post. When they arrive, what image or headline do they notice? What do they ignore? A/B testing allows you to optimize your site traffic by better understanding how users respond to various site details. Even minor alterations…


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Last month, I addressed how to reach prospective adult students, Part I of a two-part blog series. Part II will take a look at how to convert adult students into being active inquirers.   Part II – Converting Adult Students The key to converting students is to understand how their mindset has changed from being…


Reaching and Converting Adult Students: Part I of II

Savvy markets know there is a big difference between reaching adult students and converting adult students. For this reason, I am going to approach this topic in two blogs. This blog will address reaching prospective adult students. The second companion blog will take a look at converting adult students.   Part I − Reaching Adult…


The Message Matters: 6 Tips for Better Program Promotion

Over the past few years, a growing number of clients have approached Stamats asking for assistance refreshing and strengthening their brand marketing messages and improving the effectiveness of their student recruitment messaging. These two challenges converge for the types of information and messages used to promote academic programs. Based on scores of competitor reviews, some…