Work with Stamats to identify new programs and markets

Expand Your Applicant Pool and Your Audience

Feel crowded by competitors? Find new opportunities that give you room to move and grow. When you look closely at the audiences you’re seeking, you might find missed opportunities or new markets beyond your usual neighborhood. And, when you offer differentiated, market-focused programs, you stand out from the crowd and can make a foundation for ongoing growth.

How We Can Help

Identify New Academic Programs

Your strongest asset is an array of academic programs that are in demand and are differentiated from your competitors’ programs. New academic programs may complete that array effectively if you choose, shape, and market them with enough data and with careful planning.

New Market Identification

What if you had a map that located that elusive treasure, those students who want your programs? As you seek more demand for current programs and as you consider new programs or new delivery methods, let us help you make a clearer map of your growing markets.

Competitive Positioning

Smarter positioning depends upon knowledge of your competitive environment as well as the academic programs and learning environment strengths that distinguish you from your competitors. Our experienced researchers and consultants can help you find sustainable competitive advantages through a competitive environment scan and the right selection of other tools.

Resources to Help You Identify New Programs & Markets

Three Reasons to Not Use the NPS in Higher Education

In the past 15 years, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become a standard (perhaps the standard) measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Created by a partner at Bain & Co., the NPS was designed to help company executives establish a simple understanding of how their customers felt about the company. The NPS asks one…


China and the new world order

The worldwide political changes of 2017 will benefit China by increasing its political and economic influence in Asia and around the world. China’s new dominance and strategic alliances will influence the future of international student mobility.


Identifying New Online Programs

Identifying New Online Programs

We recently held a one-day conference for developing and marketing online programs in Chicago. Not surprisingly, much of the conversation centered around answering the question, “How do we decide what new programs to offer?”