On-Demand Webinars

Purpose Built: Building Today’s Highly Effective Marketing Department

Presented by Rob Westervelt, George Fox University, Joseph Brennan, University at Albany – State University of New York & Robert A. Sevier, Stamats

This webinar will help college and university senior teams shape their broad marketing strategy and build a highly effective marketing department.

We will look at why political support for marketing is so essential and examine the importance of having a clear vision for what marketing is and how it works in higher education. We will then look at how to identify critical capabilities and explore staffing, budgets, and marketing return on investment (mROI). Finally, we will examine critical workflow and trends in organizational design.

We will conclude with a brief discussion of marketing best practices.

HigherEdTALK™: National Poll on the Major Issues Facing Higher Education

Presented by Ron Mahurin, Vice President for Strategy and Planning

There’s no denying it—the field of higher education is undergoing rapid change. Topics such as student debt, the value of postsecondary education, and the impact of technology on learning are now part of the national dialogue and are fodder for news stories every day of the week. But it’s time to filter fact from fiction and shine a brighter light on the issues that really matter.

Stamats recently launched a National Poll on the Major Issues Facing Higher Education. Targeted at senior-level college administrators and board members, the survey was designed to identify and prioritize issues central to higher education professionals and the institutions they serve—to reveal challenges, revenue strategies, data resources, and other information crucial to fostering long-term growth and sustainability. This webinar will share the findings of the poll.

Pushing the Boundaries of Your Market Research to Create Institutional Change

Presented by Beatrice Szalas, Stamats & Christopher Romano, Ramapo College of New Jersey

The creation of a brand promise is an essential first step in developing an integrated marketing campaign.  While most campuses focus on operationalizing the brand promise through the marketing office, the true value of a brand promise is its ability to inspire campus change. That brand promise has to be believable, important, and distinctive, but it also needs to provide room for an institution to grow and achieve. This webinar will focus on how Ramapo College of New Jersey, a public liberal arts college, utilized its brand promise to not only launch its marketing campaign, but also create institutional change focused on student success.

Understanding What Motivates Adult Students

2017 Adult StudentsTALK ™ Research

Presented by Becky Morehouse, Senior Vice President of Client Services

$75 to download

Adult students are weird. They have jobs, families, and their own timetables and motivations for starting school. Unearth the patterns in their apparent randomness—with data. Sound research creates better decisions about programs, marketing, and even web content.

Watch on demand as Stamats Senior Vice President Becky Morehouse presents the results of Stamats’ 2017 Adult StudentsTALK™ research.

TeensTALK® 2016 | Key Influencers at Key Phases of the College Search

Presented by Eric Sickler and Gil Rogers

In the 2016 version of the TeensTALK® Webinar, Stamats has partnered with Chegg to present teen-focused market research from data collected via a survey of the Chegg student network, which reaches and serves over 15 million students from their college search through career.

How to Use Content to Fix Ailing Enrollment

How to Use Content to Fix What’s Ailing Your Enrollment Communications

Presented by Randy Burge

What’s all the buzz about content marketing? Obviously, you’ve been using content all along to get prospective students to enroll. But if you’re finding that your enrollment communications aren’t working as well as they used to… that yield is dropping… and that stealth applicants are becoming the rule, it’s time for you to take a look at content marketing.

Unleashing Your School’s Brand Power by Linking Strategy and Expression

Unleashing Your School’s Brand Power by Linking Strategy and Expression

Presented by Eric Sickler, Pat Weas, and Bill Thorburn

College and university brands have power. But all too often, college and university marketing operations short shrift—or even skip—the thoughtful development of brand strategy in favor of diving headlong into tactical execution.

Creating a Compelling Vision in Today’s Highly Competitive Marketplace

Creating a Compelling Vision in Today’s Highly Competitive Marketplace

Presented by Bob Sevier

Your vision is the unifying message of where you want to go and why your stakeholders want to be a part of it. A strong vision is your institution’s beacon to the future.

Addressing Unsolved Mysteries

Addressing Unsolved Mysteries: Tools and Techniques for Answering the Most Perplexing Recruiting Questions

Presented by Tom Rodenberg

The insights derived from solid research can have a profound impact on your overall enrollment strategy. Unfortunately, much of what passes for research is deeply flawed and unable to provide the direction you need.

2015 Adult StudentsTALK™ Research

2015 Adult StudentsTALK™ Research

Presented by Becky Morehouse

Understanding the prospective adult nontraditional and graduate student can be challenging. With such a wide range of motivations and behaviors, the use of research is crucial to making sound, substantiated marketing decisions.

Which Way to the Conversion?

Which Way to the Conversion?

Presented by Gale Smetana

Shifting trends in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising require constant tweaking. But if 2015 is any indication, some colleges and universities may need to completely rethink how they structure and execute their PPC campaigns. In this session we’ll look at what you need to know about changing PPC trends.

Connecting Your Brand To Your Consumers

Connecting Your Brand To Your Consumers

Presented by Eric Sickler and Collette Litzinger

Great brands stand the test of time. They survive soft economies, saturated marketplaces and disruptive innovations. When guided by a clear and compelling brand story, about its mission, vision and values, a brand can have a strong and lasting purpose.