When Regis University’s College for Professional Studies (Regis CPS, CPS, or the College) approached Stamats to clarify its brand and help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its recruitment marketing program, the larger university was in a state of transition. Regis University had their first new president in 20 years, along with a new provost, and a new chief marketing officer. And while Regis University was contemplating the launch of its own brand clarification effort, CPS had to address pressing recruitment marketing immediately. The College partnered with Stamats to conduct national, regional, and statewide environmental scans, conduct a competitive assessment of selected undergraduate and graduate online programs, and develop a brand messaging platform, a creative brand concept to set CPS apart in the fiercely competitive online education space.

A group of Stamats consultants conducted a brand boot camp to help develop several possible brand promise statements designed to differentiate the College’s online programs—based on input from key decision makers at Regis CPS—to be tested with the College’s stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, and alumni). To identify markets across the nation where Regis CPS programs would find ready audiences, Stamats analyzed Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and prioritized target audiences based on a variety of factors, including program viability, demographics, and competitor presence in regions around the country. After reviewing and discussing a list of potential promise statements, each touting the attributes of the Regis CPS experience, a promise statement was chosen and work began on the development of a messaging platform and creative concept to bring the promise statement to life. At the same time, Stamats began development of the brand communication campaign.

Regis CPS is about to launch its newly clarified brand across Colorado and in new markets identified by Stamats’ research. Stamats also developed sample brochures for each of the academic programs selected for this effort, along with television, radio, interactive/social media, and direct response collateral.

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