Almost everyone at Brescia University College (Brescia) feels included in the close-knit community of 1,000 students. As Canada’s only university for women, Brescia actively seeks to expand the role of women in society and leadership. Additionally, as part of the University of Western Ontario System, students take many classes on Western’s nearby, coeducational campus. Brescia wanted to raise enrollment numbers, but they were finding it challenging to articulate the value of a Catholic, women’s university in the 21st century.

Brescia partnered with Stamats to answer many questions regarding its brand, enrollment growth, and how it could become a substantial contributor to the Western Ontario System. The Stamats team began by clarifying how Brescia’s internal audiences perceived the College—women’s university, premier university for a Catholic education, private school—and what kind of students Brescia served. That initial brand work laid the foundation for subsequent projects in admissions publications, website design, redesign of an existing microsite, web mobile compatibility, and a financial aid calculator, all created within a bold, cohesive visual and verbal messaging frame.

“It’s all good! One of the things we all track is the change, year over year, in those applicants who put Brescia as their first choice. In a recent report, Western had increased 8% in its first choice applicants; King’s, 4%; Huron, 11%; but Brescia had increased 38 percent! This is a strong message that our partnership with Stamats is producing results even quicker than we even hoped for. I am just thrilled!”

Dr. Colleen Hanycz Principal (President) Brescia University College

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