Sometimes, the Best Insights Come from Without

When Henry Ford unveiled his Quadricycle on June 4, 1896, it took its place in history as the first automobile he ever designed or drove. It wasn’t long after, in 1903, that the recently incorporated Ford Motor Company released the Model A. Now, 110+ years later, the company Henry Ford built is still going strong—as a family business and as a brand.

Programs Are Important…but Money Rules When It Comes to Website Perusing!

Adult students—including both degree-seeking (undergraduate and graduate) and certificate—are more likely to rank “cost information” at the top of their list when asked, what’s the most important piece of information they seek on a college or university website. This finding, among many others, is included in Stamats’ fifth annual Adult StudentsTALK™ study conducted last fall.…

Chuck Reed, Stamats

Reed Between the Lines: Enrollment Criteria

The question I asked wasn’t some highfalutin smarty pants show-off nugget. It was pretty basic. “Why do you want to grow enrollment?” The president and her leadership mulled this. At least one person, the provost I recall, snickered with that “Duh-why-do-you-think?” smugness. “Well, we are a tuition-driven institution and we could use the numbers.” I…